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Without the masterful cutting and bending also other skills of the craftsmen guiding the company's artistic work centered in Kingston Aning Brite Neon, not their customers, nor the public could enjoy the dynamic, dazzling letters, numbers and shapes of their creations, shining ethereal glass windows, houses, GE Smart Motion ceilings and walls to take the glorious color of night, streetscapes pubs, places, and also other places in the neighborhood . However, treatment of the 19-Covid current problems, Dilling with his fantastic staff found themselves need to bend in different ways as they are molded literally, keep your equipment and lighting on. So far, these new approaches have worked. Although the change has not been without effort. via telephone "There were 15 men and women working to advance the state [closing] get descended. There were furlough leave 90% of our staff, which was a very difficult change, emotionally, "says Dilling. "Nowwe've was because of me and the other four. They are a home based job, even if the rest of the staff are absent. We were using Glide to discuss the missions we have been working now, which is a new issue for us all. everything is changing constantly, but we were still calculated in the way. it can be like playing a piece of Fluxus songs compared to playing a tape of songs element built properly. " In Dilling created Aning Brite in 1999 in a Brooklyn studio eventually became send much as he gradually added more staff musicians. In 2017, in Aning Brite transferred its main foundation functions with former Midtown Kingston furniture factory, where staff creates all commercial and residential lighting to unique works of art and restores and creates business signage.

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